Hi, my name is Tabs and this is my story

Imagine this… your marriage of 17 yrs breaks down like a bolt out of the blue, totally knocking you sideways, making you question everything you thought you knew. Then add to that losing both of your wonderful parents just 9 short weeks apart.

This was me. Feeling utterly bereft & alone in the world with a young daughter to raise.

Life was overwhelming, my heart was broken and I was still pushing through putting on a brave face to the world. I was an empowerment coach, how could I be feeling this way with all the knowledge and resources at my fingertip, I felt like a fraud. A myriad of unfamiliar emotions from anger to regret, from shock to fear & everything in between surged through me in a way I had never before experienced, nor could make sense of.
The anxiety, depression, grief & unhappiness threatened to takeover every aspect of my life, from familial relationships, to those with friends & colleagues.

At the time, I was a Director in a 7-figure Premium IT Recruitment Company, managing the entire HR, Training & Development Team. It was a highly coveted role & one which I had always excelled in. Yet here I was, falling apart at the seams in every conceivable way.

I knew something had to change, I couldn’t, nor did I want to, continue to spiral downwards at the rate I was. I owed it to my daughter, at the very least to move forwards & pull myself out from the depths of this dark place I had reached. I just wanted to get myself back to OK.

More importantly though, I knew deep down that I owed it to myself.

For years I had been a personal development junkie and my work did help get me through and this strong base enabled me to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. Within my corporate career, I had always maintained a strong passion for personal development & I am positive it was this strong base which enabled me to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel.

I made the bold choice to take a career break & focus on my own healing & self-care in the unashamed way I knew I needed to.

I allowed myself the space & time I craved & I continued to for the first time ever, began heavily investing in me. I took this to such an incredibly deep level that it changed the trajectory of my life in so many unexpected ways.

What I had always known to be true had disappeared almost overnight, my entire life had been flipped upside down & inside out. It was as if the universe had decided I needed a fresh new start, new beginnings & a chance to forge the kind of life I was always meant to be living.

During this time I started dating for the first time since meeting my husband at University. I didn’t even know if I could sleep with another man after all these years. I soon got over that one ;0) but even though I put myself out there, I kept attracting unavailable men, and I felt even more heartbreak and rejection.

As I began my personal healing journey, long forgotten dreams I had once had began to resurface as I started to rediscover who I was. Coupled together with the experience I was living through, there was no doubt in my mind that this had all happened to me so that I could help others.

After a short break from coaching, I came back more equipped than ever to embarked on what has so far been a decade of training and supporting others to begin living their own lives to their full potential, from attracting the right man to feeling empowered as a woman.

I won’t bore you with my credentials right now (they are in the FAQ section below) as I would prefer to tell you the ways in which I can help you. I will take you…

from overwhelmed to decisive
from scared to courageous
from anxious to bold
from unfulfilled to content
from triggered to calm
from unconfident to empowered
from scarcity to abundance
from discontent to ease
from stressed to peaceful

I help women shine a light from within that is so bright it dazzles anyone in their presence!
Together, we eradicate that nagging feeling that there is more to life, and replace it with the life that was always meant for you!

The ripple effect that ensues cannot be underestimated when you begin healing the relationship with yourself.

Your life goals, relationships on every level, your business successes or career progression, everything becomes more effortless.

You begin an unstoppable transformation with positivity penetrating areas of your life which you had previously thought were beyond repair.

It’s your time to discover your true incredible power, unlock your amazing potential & cultivate the awesome life you’ve always known is waiting for you!

The very best part, I’m here to help you every step of the way, because I believe in you!

Much love

Tabs x