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This is not an impossible dream but a tangible reality within your reach!


Tabitha’s bespoke coaching journey is the key. It’s a journey that will delve below the surface, addressing the barriers preventing you from attracting your perfect match. 


Whether you’ve been attracting the wrong man or are reluctant to step back into the dating scene, Tabitha’s coaching will empower you to make conscious choices.


Why choose bespoke coaching?


Let’s face it, dating can be overwhelming. The fear of repeating past mistakes can be paralysing. We all know the horror stories, and perhaps you’ve lived a few of your own. Yet, it doesn’t have to be so challenging.


Imagine crafting the relationship you’ve always desired with a man you can truly be yourself around. Together, we will unveil hidden patterns, heal concealed emotions, and pave the way towards the relationship and happiness you deserve. 


We will pinpoint what is most important to you in a relationship, enabling you to make smarter choices and recognise red flags early. Embrace your feminine power, bolster your confidence, improve your self-esteem, and focus on the present and future rather than dwelling on the past.

attraction jumpstart
£ 99
  • Ready for a new chapter? This taster session is your first step towards transformation and fulfilling relationships. Say goodbye to self-doubt and fear, and hello to the confident empowered woman you were meant to be.
attraction express
£ 600
/ Mo
  • Feeling frustrated or fearful about dating? This mini coaching programme is designed to give you support to date with confidence, stop ignoring red flags, express your desires in a powerful way and set boundaries, that will help you attract the right man.
attraction amplifier
£ 1000
/ Mo
  • Unravel your unconscious self-sabotaging patterns and healing your heart. From a dating profile to the deep attraction work, you will understand your relationship values, harness your feminine energy and gain the confidence to choose a partner who compliments and enhances your life.
Limited spots

Hear what others have to say...

client success stories

I've learnt so much about how I've treated myself and how thats played out in my relationships!

Alex was a high flying senior manager working in banking. She found herself single again at 53 after going through another painful break-up. She believed she was too old and would never find the love she wanted again. Hear what happened in the video.

I was feeling lost now i've found the real me again and I know I'm good enough!

Tracey had everything she wanted, yet felt unhappy and trapped and had been suffering with depression. After working with me she re-trained as a coach which is her dream job. She is now happier and more confident than she has ever been. She is now getting on better with her husband and enjoying life.

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