How did I get an article in Home & Woman magazine???

by Tabitha Jane | Date 22 January 2024

Great question, with intention setting and alittle magic! I have a screensaver that says, ‘Expect Miracles’, because they happen most days but we don’t always notice them. I have been coaching and mentoring women for over 13 years and laser focused on relationships for the last 4 years, in particular helping single women attract the right man and avoid years of fruitless dating. 

I have a strong intention to help more women, create some digital assets and more content, coaching and training. My ultimate goal is to have a TV show called Love SOS, think of Supernanny but with couples lol (I will keep you posted). 

Anyway, a few months ago a journalist reached out to me to ask if she could interview me for an empowering love story to be featured in the February 2024 edition of Woman & Home magazine (with current readership of 351,000). This is to give hope to single ladies who have gone through divorce and wonder if they can find love again. The bit that is magical is she found my Guide on Amazon Kindle, but how she found it is literally a miracle, needle in a haystack jumps to mind. 

This was the kick up the arse I needed to finally get my Guide set up as a lead magnet and build an email campaign to nurture the single ladies who want to download it and give even more great advice. This covers dating tips, red flags, understanding the biggest mistakes women make, secrets of attraction and dealing with loneliness, plus the opportunity to talk to me about their challenges or book an initial attraction jumpstart session for £99.

With the help and accountability of my friend Vicky Labinger (she is great for helping you get sh*t done in your business), I have achieved this and the article came out this month!! I didn’t realise the February edition would come out in January lol!

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